Flamingo Studio offers classes for children as young as 1,5 years old until adult   

 age such as the following :

- Fun Music & Movement Class / FMM (min age 2 years)

  This class is created specifically for early age, so they can start to learn to socialize  

  and interact with others.  Teachers will help students to practice their motoric skill and

  musicality by doing simple dance movement and role playing. A perfect class to

  introduce  your child before going to school.

- Baby Ballet Class (min age 4 years)

  With our own syllabus, Baby Ballet is the perfect level to introduce Ballet to your child.   

  Soft approach combined with role playing method are used to motivate students to  

  learn so the students can enjoy their time in the class. (Class Division: Beginner Baby 

  Ballet & Intermediate Baby Ballet by local examination)

- Classical Ballet Class (min age 6 years)

  This is where the students will get to learn more about ballet techniques.  We use

  ADAPT syllabus as our teaching reference and we provide yearly international

  examination for our students. (Class division: Preliminary 1, Preliminary 2, Class 1,

  Class 2, Class 3, Class 4).

​- Jazz Class (min age 6 years)

  Ballet technique is used as the foundation and combined with dynamic and sharp

  movement.  Jazz Dance gives students the opportunity to express more freely in their

  dancing.  We use ADAPT Syllabus for our Jazz class and conducts yearly 

  international   examination. (Class division: Pre Junior, Junior 1, 2, 3, Pre Intermediate 

  1, 2, 3, Intermediate 1, 2, 3, Pre Advance and Advance)

- Hip Hop Class (min age 5 years)

  We provide this class for those who have more interest to modern Hip Hop dance

  with a lot of tricks and movements they can learn.


- Wushu Class (min age 6 years)

  This martial art class is a good choice to channel out your child's energy to the right

  direction.  Students are not only going to learn "kick and punch" but they will get the

  right  techniques to control their body coordination, focus and emotion.

- Acro Class (min age 6 years)

  Student in this class will learn how to execute a trick such as: from front roll until 

  aerial cartwheel in a proper way.  This class is similar with Gymnastic class but not

  quite the same because the tricks and movements are created to be used for a   

  dance choreography. (Class division: Pre Junior, Junior 1, 2, 3).


- Choreography Class (min age 6 years)

  In this class we gather all students from all dance class to collaborate, class will be  

  conducted by using various dance genres, such as: Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and many



Last update: April 17th, 2017