Flamingo Studio (ADAPT Indonesia) has been endorsed by ADAPT Syllabus to become the sole representative of ADAPT Syllabus in Indonesia to manage yearly international exam, student & teacher workshop, syllabus & merchandise distribution and in near future we will conduct TTS (Teacher Training School) as the first ever TTS program held internationally. 


ADAPT stands for Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teacher, ADAPT is an Internationally renowned "DANCE TEACHING SYLLABUS" which contains of 3 main elements of dance which are: Jazz, Tap & Ballet for Dance Teachers, Dance Professionals and Dance Students.  The ADAPT Syllabus is the leader in dance industry qualification for dance teacher professionals.


ADAPT is a dance certification system for teachers to teach ad train dancers of all ages.  This dance syllabus has proven to helps all dance teachers learn how to motivate and guide dancers to create a solid platform of technique and performance.

ADAPT Syllabus always updates their dance syllabus in regular basis so dance teachers and students  will have the most updated and improved teaching materials.  With their innovative online syllabus teachers can have all the informations within just a few clicks.


ADAPT Syllabus in Indonesia is looking for studio owners, dance teachers and dance professionals  who are interested to implement a state of  the art dance syllabus with ADAPT Syllabus, if you wish to know more about this opportunity, please contact us by using the link below.